Our Services

Engineering Consultancy

P.J. Brett & Associates have over 12 years of experience in expertly providing engineering consultancy services to clients in both the private and public sector. We have worked with many leading developers and public bodies across Limerick, Tipperary and Clare, and pride ourselves on our skilled, diverse range of services. Our firm has been involved in the design and building of a variety of infrastructure across Ireland. Our construction knowledge, managerial experience and business development skills ensures that we have the skills necessary to complete jobs of all sizes to a high standard. Our engineers are continuously undergoing training in the current standards and regulations as well as using the latest software to provide create effective and innovative solutions for every project.

Structural Surveys

If you are buying a second hand home, it is advisable to arrange for a structural survey to be carried out by an experienced structural engineer. While a property may look in perfect condition to an untrained eye, an experienced structural engineer may find defects which if left unaddressed, could end up costing you a lot of money. A thorough structural survey includes an external and internal room by room and attic assessment of the building. Common issues P.J. Brett & Associates look for when carrying out structural surveys include movement, roof spreading, cracking and subsidence.

Condition Surveys

A condition survey provides an assessment of physical property conditions usually prior to works being carried out in the adjoining area. The survey should identify deficiencies, and maintenance issues including, but not limited to structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, site layout, site utilities, storm water management, soil erosion and health and safety systems. To facilitate an informed decision making process, a condition survey should result in a clear understanding of the current condition of a building by a client. The extent of a condition survey can vary depending upon the client’s need for information. A repeat condition survey can be carried out following completion of any adjoining works.
P.J. Brett & Associates have completed many condition surveys across Tipperary and surrounding areas.

Stage Payment Certificates

In general, most people require a mortgage for a construction project. The lender will require that these funds be released on the authority of a certified engineer. Stage Payment Certificates are interim valuations carried out at various stages throughout the construction phase.

All banks, mortgage lenders and funding agencies require this certification to ensure that the work complies with planning permission and building regulations. Following a site inspection a Stage Payment Certificates will be issued to the financial institution before the funds will be released to the clients. P.J. Brett & Associates offers this service to both public and private clients.

Certificates of Compliance

As part of the build process, it is crucial that all aspects of the work are carried out to adhere to the relevant building regulations. This is critical in order to ensure that the building performs in the long term both structurally and in terms of its thermal requirements.

P.J. Brett & Associates oversee all aspects of the building work and attend site to inspect the ongoing construction of your building. All Certificates of Compliance are prepared in accordance with the formats recommended by the Law Society of Ireland Conveyancing Handbook however a certificate can be reformatted for any individual situation

This is necessary for two main reasons:

  • In order to ensure all aspects of the building regulations have been complied with

  • It is a requirement of all money lending institutions that an Indemnified Professional Person oversees the work in order to ensure the required standards are met

Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision is necessary to: ensure the works are constructed in accordance with the design and specification, safeguard the quality of construction, oversee the safety of the works. The role varies depending on the contract e.g. re-measure, Design & Build (D&B) and whether our client is the Employer or the Contractor. The main stages in Construction Supervision include foundation level, rising walls, wall plate, roof framing, roof completion and practical completion. P.J. Brett & Associates offers a full construction supervision service.

Services Provided by Brett Surveying

P.J. Brett & Associates offers a range of surveying options including:

  • Topographical Surveys

  • Building Surveys

  • As-Built Surveys